Girls Modesty Shorts - White




Modesties have been developed to enable our young girls the freedom to enjoy and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle whilst continuing to wear all the pretty skirts and dresses they love.

  • Breathable, durable, natural and light material comfortably worn through the day under uniforms
  • Hygienic when sitting on the floor during storytime
  • Retains modesty when on a climbing frame or any other activity in the playground
  • Keeps you warm during the autumn and spring when transitioning to and away from tights
  • Cool in the summer and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle outdoors whilst still enjoying the freedom of a light summer dress
  • Continues to promote the idea of being discrete
  • Custom made for this purpose
  • Custom length – not the same as gymnastics, PE or cycling shorts
  • Schools can pick one or two standard colours to blend in naturally with their school uniform