Just Modesties has been developed by parents of school age children to enable our young girls the freedom to enjoy and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle whilst continuing to wear all the pretty skirts and dresses they love with confidence.

The material is breathable, durable, natural and light ensuring comfort under uniforms throughout the day.

Hygienic when sitting on a floor during story time or on a climbing frame at play or at sports.

They keep you warm during the autumn and spring when transitioning to and away from tights and are cool in the summer. Although developed for uniforms initially, they are regularly matched with skirts and dresses to where anywhere at any time. It is about the freedom for our girls to be who they want to be with confidence.

Modesties continue to promote the idea of being discrete and the length is custom made for this purpose.  They are not the same as gymnastics, PE or cycling shorts – Just Modesties!